Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mr. D.I.Y is giving away free sample (Umbrellas)

About About Mr. D.I.Y

MR. D.I.Y. is a unique retailer that provides low prices, wide varieties and great value to all customers. MR. D.I.Y. offers more than 30,000 products ranging from household items like hardware, gardening & electrical to stationery, sports, car accessories and even jewelry, cosmetics & toys.

Celebrating 120th outlet Now Opening @ Gamuda Walk, Mr. D.I.Y is giving away 600 pcs of FREE umbrellas from 10 January – 11 January 2015. Terms and conditions apply, available while stock last


  1. Heee, dekat semua outlet ke dapat free umbrella ni?

    1. sori... sgt2 lambat reply.. die ikut outlet..