Friday, December 12, 2014

SOFY Malaysia is giving away free sample

About SOFY Malaysia

Sofy supplies all types of sanitary napkins to meet the various needs of different women. Sanitary napkins are available indifferent thickness and features just like the women who use them, so choose the right type of pad just for yourself! Sofy sanitary products are engineered to be your perfect match—with features like the Fitting Absorbent Zone providing better fit and added protection—so you can live your life without restrictions. Get the confidence, get out there.

From 9 December 2014 – 31 January 2015, participate in SOFY’s Send a SOFY Contest, and you will receive  samples. In order to receive free samples, join and invite your friends to participate this contest as well, then, you will receive  samples, when 2 or more of your friends accept your invitation.

Receive Samples when, 

2 friends accepted your invitation will receive FREE Sofy Extra Dry Napkin 2’s
4 friends accepted your invitation will receive Sofy Comfort Night 29cm 2’s + Sofy Body Fit Day 2’s + Sofy Long & Wide pantiliner 2’s
10 friends accepted your invitation will receive 1 pack of Sofy Comfort Night 35cm 4’s + Sofy Extra Dry 2’s

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