Monday, November 3, 2014

Unilever (Dove) is giving away free sample

About Unilever

The Unilever brand, found in consumer products in millions of homes across 150 countries, is a trusted name in nutrition, hygiene and personal care. Throughout its history, Unilever has been adding vitality to the lives of consumers, creating products that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.

In Malaysia, the Unilever story began in 1947 with the opening of the first Lever Brothers soap and margarine manufacturing plant in Bangsar. Costing RM 12 million, it was reputed to be the largest factory in the country, with machines that could wrap 124 bars of soap a minute! 

Manufacturing capabilities expanded as the portfolio of products grew, making Lever Brothers a significant employer of the time. With a presence in Malaysia spanning over 60 years, Lever Brothers, who adopted the global Unilever name in 1994, has played a unique role in bearing witness to the country’s economic, social and political development. 

The company strives for excellence within its many roles in Malaysia today, as an employer, marketeer, development partner, innovator and “citizen”. With more than 60 years presence  in this country, this multi-local multinational will continue to embrace new consumer expectations, adding vitality to life!

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